Advertising & Branding Consultants

Know our soul

Deep within our creativity lies simple common sense.


‘Immix’ Advertising & Branding Consultants is an innovative and dynamic design studio that explores a wide mix of integrated Marcom tools to produce an effective, relative, simple and intriguing ad campaign that gains TOM of mind recall and creates positive impact that drives the targeted consumer to purchase.

We have deep Insight and understanding of the consumers and the way they think through which we are able to deliver practical, creative and relative creative solutions to address them effectively.

Our Pledge

Our promise is the fullest attention to the tiniest detail from start to finish and then some more.

Proof of our promise, is based on the trust, research, understanding & belief of the brands we handle, emotive or straightforward. We treat each brand with respect of individuality & uniqueness. We believe!

We believe in truly spending time and getting know the inside dream of each client we handle, and when we do, we use our diverse team strength to make that dream of success, real.

Our Team
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Imtiaz Basheer

CEO / Creative Director
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Krishan Jaratnam

Creative Consultant
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Shehan Jayawardana

Art Director
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Project Manager / Art Director